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Managed IPT Services

Taksheel offers managed services at a cost effective IP telephony services in form of Software as a Service, Platform as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service., such as Managed PBX,Managed Contact Center Solution, Managed IVRS &SMSC platform and Managed ITSP platform.

WisePBX - Hosted PBX:
» Enterprises looking for virtual office solution with auto attendant (operator services) and personalized greetings IVRS, VOICE MENUS and many other values added services.

» Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is a privately owned telephone switching system for managing numerous telephone lines without the need to pay the phone company to lease each line independently; generally a telephone line is connected to the service providing company’s local central office via a ‘Trunk’. It is the responsibility of the central office to direct incoming and outgoing calls to this phone. The PBX also provides other services such as voice mails, caller ID and call forwording.the Phone Company receives a monthly fee for this service.

Wiselogic - Hosted Switch:
Wise logic hosted switch offers cost effective solution for small, midrange VOIP switch partitions for long distance IP telephony resellers. Hosted Switch, Billing server, VoIP hardware and technical integration of the entire solution.

Thus, Hosted Switch and Billing Platform enables you to manage Prepaid/Postpaid Calling Card Services, Wholesale Termination, PC to Phone, IP Phones and other adaptors and Hosted CallShop - all in one VoIP Solution.

Wiselogic Hosted Switch provides the following advantages:

Integration of all VoIP Services in one VoIP Platform. SIP & H323 Compatible SoftSwitch. Compatible working with familiar VOIP hardware such as Cisco,Quintum,Patton and others.
Extensive scalability and high reliability. Allows a rapid entry into the VoIP Market with minimum investment

Key Features :
» Compatible with SIP & H323
» Proxy Server support for both protocals (SIP& h323)
» Prepaid / Postpaid Billing.
» Proxy gatekeeper.
» NAT Client support.
» Online Call Status.
» Built-in Radius.
» IVR and Database.
» Unlimited Tariffs.
» Extensive Carrier Support
» Least Coast Routing Support.
» Instant H323 and SIP Carrier Support.
» Unlimited Client Registration.
» Call Control Features (Max. Talk Time, Max Ring Time).
» Automatic User Generation.
» User friendly Database Management System.
» Online Statistics and Reporting.

Enhanced Features :
» Customized Reports and Invoices.
» Web Based support and CDR.
» Web based Reseller Module.
» Callback Module (Web, ANI, SMS).
» PC2Phone, E-commerce Module
» including Credit-Card Payment
» support.

Call Features :
» Call Waiting,Call Forwarding
» Call Three Way Calling.
» Multiples Numbers.
» Voice Mail / Web Mail.
» Solution Components.
» Strategic Partnerships with VoIP
» whole sale Carriers

Support :

» 24/7 support for all wholesale and retail clients and Business support for trading thru
   Wiselogic interconnected Carriers.
» Ticketing system with SLA for trouble shooting issues.
» Complete free training for first 2 months as and when required after basic training.

Virtual Call Center Solution (VCCS):

» Wisedial – An CRM integrated predictive dialer.
» Wisedial Hosted Call Center gives you the features and functionality of our world class call center system
   without the expense of hardware and maintenance.
» This will enable your agents to connect from anywhere in the world. It provides you complete ready made
   solution of call center to go live within couple hours and user friendly gui make easy learning and
   optimise's the productivity.
» Our hosted Wisedial platform is hosted at robusted and highly secure data center with high redundancy of
   power and bandwidth back-up and our NOC team monitors 24/7 pro-actively which makes your call
   center operational always.

Wisedial - Features Overview :

» Inbound & Outbound and blended telephony as per campaigns.
» Predictive,progressive and manual dialing options.
» LCR Based Trunk options of analog and voip telephony.
» Multiple Campaigns and Skill based routing,ACD and IVRS features.
» Graphical Representation of Quality in period intervals.
» Reporting & Recording.

Advantages WiseDial as (VCCS):

» Agents and Supervisors can work from home or office from any part of world.
» Complete Plug and play only Desktop,Head set and Broadband connection required.
» Major cost cut on CAPEX and OPEX in terms of hardware,technical resources,maintenance and more,
   SAVE MONEY option majorly for SoHo,Mid size enterprise, increased Productivity and easy monitoring.
» Quick implementation and highly scalable for increase of team size in less time, user friendly and highly
   robusted reporting system.

For more feature details, please feel free to contact us sales@taksheel.com

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