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Enterprise IPPBX

Wise PBX (v 2.0) is an Enterprise IP-PBX platform. This serves with named features provided more than any traditional PBX with an added flavor of transparent bridging feature is required by enterprise communication architecture for integration of analog, digital and IP phones.



Wise PBX an asterisk based IP-PBX system handles complete functionality of PBX system could be integrated with your existing analog telephony infrastructure and IP Phones. With trunk Provisioning of analog, digital, gsm and IP and IP based trunks can be configured on same platform.

Highlights of WisePbx:

» 100% scalable on any proposed network according to requirement.
» ROI is an major advantage instead of replacing existing traditional (EPABX) system same can be extended.
» Easy configurable extensions according to of user requirement of extension (or)station
   mobility. [Analog/IPPhone/soft phone] and trunks.
» Least cost routing [LCR],according to dialed number prefix call shall be routed through least cost
   charged trunk for dialed number.
» Intelligent routing according to customized dial plan.
» No specific domain expertise resource required for configuration and maintenance of
   network user friendly GUI access.
» Wireless extensions can also be choice for user to integrate and attend calls on mobility.
» Support will be provided around clock by dedicated NOC team for 3months at no extra cost.


» Customize action of call Detail records.
» Call transfers.
» Call queuing.
» Call forward variable on busy and no answers.
» Active channel monitoring.
» Call waiting.
» Conference bridging and many others.

For more feature details, please feel free to contact us sales@taksheel.com

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