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Investment Managers

For investment managers operating in today's rapidly changing global financial markets, success requires an unwavering focus on achieving their investment objectives. Increased cross-border activity, new and complex investment vehicles, and myriad regulatory and compliance issues bring new challenges as well as opportunities for enhanced revenues.

Taksheel provides investment managers with comprehensive, integrated solutions to support their global investment operations. Designed to connect the front-office to the back, our solutions help investment managers increase operational efficiencies, mitigate risk and improve their performance. We have solutions for every stage of the investment lifecycle; from portfolio analysis and trading, to regulatory compliance and investment accounting and reporting. Specific activities include tracking the purchase and sale of securities; valuing portfolios using pricing data from market sources; performing accounting calculations and completing general ledger postings; and generating a variety of accounting, audit, tax, and regulatory reports. Our systems can also be used for performance measurement, post-trade compliance measurement, risk management, and data management.

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