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The global insurance industry continues to face many conflicting demands as it assimilates high profile catastrophe events, actions to bolster capital positions, the potential for radical changes in distribution and at the same time ongoing pressure from regulators and external agencies. These demands make finding a competitive edge hard, but retaining it can be even harder. Especially when you are under pressure to reduce margins and operational costs while meeting consumers' growing demands for more competitive products and better service. More ways to take products to market serve to make the industry more competitive, while at the same time, many legacy systems constrain and inhibit customer responsiveness and business growth.

To survive and compete, they are looking for more efficient ways to transact business. Information Technology is one area that can have a significant impact on overall efficiency. So they need solutions that are quick and easy to implement, maintain and scale to meet the needs of their customers and business.

IWMF enables them to meet organizations' overall strategic objectives, such as a legacy transformation project or redesigning their process flows. As our solutions can operate on a stand-alone basis or integrate with existing legacy systems and third party technology, they can quickly achieve tactical initiatives such as new business processing or new product launches, without high cost or risk.

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