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Brokerage Firms

Brokers have started shifting to advice-centric investing and fee-based revenue as the dominant business model. Today they are more focused on portfolio management, data aggregation and CRM, while seeking new ways for the back-office to eliminate terminal client access, proprietary data storage, and inefficiencies. They are also trying to create offerings for investment advisors in an effort to improve revenues in a shrinking transaction market, by building up front-office desktops and charging for additional functionality. We can provide the support they need to cost-effectively outperform the rest with our trading, compliance and operational solutions.
Our integrated solutions help them manage customer relationships, optimize investment portfolios, identify and track new prospects, create consolidated client profiles, and assess client needs and product features to facilitate cross-selling. Our solutions also support investment managers and research analysts in the process of investment decision-making by providing them with the technology to perform trading analytics, quantitative modeling, and portfolio processing and also through access to real-time data and news content.

With IWMF's solutions, the broking firms can automate the provision of services that their clients want and manage the full compliance lifecycle including surveillance, internal investigations, documentation and reporting. Financial Advisors: IWMF provides an integrated suite of wealth solutions for advisors to meet the financial needs of their clients, capitalize on growing opportunities in wealth management, and deliver on the promise of a more holistic and consultative client experience. From client profiling and financial planning, to asset allocation and portfolio management, to securities processing and asset accounting, IWMF helps provide the tools advisors need to aggregate, allocate, optimize and monitor client portfolios, as well as foster greater collaboration and performance measurement to help improve service and strengthen client relationships.

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