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Private Banks

Private banks are under constant pressure to satisfy their demanding clients. Limited reporting and lack of individual service have left many clients dissatisfied and in search of other specialized providers. In order to address these issues, wealth managers and private banks are transforming their businesses toward a holistic approach to wealth management. As a result, they are changing their perspective to a global, client-centric view, requiring them to understand the client's entire wealth situation and take on more of an advisory role.

Today's private banks need a solution that will help them to meet the more sophisticated demands of wealthy clients while managing the effects of industry change and regulatory compliance. With the help of IWMF, private banks can leverage technology to offer more personalized service and increase the range of reporting and delivery options available to their clients. By having client information at their fingertips, including all contact, asset, account and transaction information, as well as all other portfolio and investment details, private banks are able to better satisfy their clients' needs. Our component-based best of breed solutions extend well beyond the borders of the front- and back- office to help provide organizations with a truly holistic approach to wealth management.

Financial Advisors: IWMF provides an integrated suite of wealth solutions for advisors to meet the financial needs of their clients, capitalize on growing opportunities in wealth management, and deliver on the promise of a more holistic and consultative client experience. From client profiling and financial planning, to asset allocation and portfolio management, to securities processing and asset accounting, IWMF helps provide the tools advisors need to aggregate, allocate, optimize and monitor client portfolios, as well as foster greater collaboration and performance measurement to help improve service and strengthen client relationships.

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